Once your glasses are complete and ready for you to collect, we will give you a call and you can arrange a time at your own convenience to pop in and collect them.

At the collection, we will double check the fit and the comfort of your new glasses and make adjustments where necessary. Sometimes when there has been a big change in your prescription or if you are a first time varifocals wearer, patience and a little perseverance is sometimes required for you to settle into your new glasses. Buying new glasses can be like buying a new pair of shoes; they may not feel comfortable when you first put them on and a little “wearing in” may be required. We will always encourage you to pop back in and see us if you have even the smallest query regarding your glasses; sometimes screws need tightening, nose pads need changing or arms need adjusting. Don't forget we are here to help.


All our frames are guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects and all our lenses are guaranteed for two years against manufacturing defects.

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